If you can’t make it to one of those get your friends together on January 7th for Sign Saturday! Share photos from your events with us with #marchonaustin on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


This is a free speech event – we’re not going to tell you what you can or cannot say. We do ask that you keep the spirit of the march in mind when making signs. This is an inclusive march for women’s rights that aims to bring diverse voices together in solidarity and strength. The march is non-partisan, and we want to spread a message of hope, togetherness, and positivity.

Some ideas to get you started: 
Justice. Equity. Human Rights.
Hear Our Voice
Diversity not Division
Women of the World Unite
Women’s Rights Are Human Rights
Women United, We Rise

Thinking about attaching a handle? Please don’t use thick wood dowels, PVC, or metal. Cardboard tubes, yard sticks, rulers, and paint stir sticks (like in the video) are a-ok.

You can wrap your signs in plastic packing tape to make them weather proof and re-usable.