– Park and Ride with CapMetro –

Due to the short amount of time we’ve had to plan the event (48 days) there will not be expanded rail service on Saturday morning. Getting the proper plans and permits in place to do so takes more time than we have. CapMetro is working hard to make sure other public transit options can handle the crowds.

  • The stops on Lavaca will operate until noon (or just after) as we have rolling road closure/opening
  • Anyone planning to use park and ride needs to be very careful to check route schedules – Saturdays are different (e.g., no MetroExpress on weekends)
  • Everyone is urged to consider the Republic Square stations for getting to and from; those won’t be closed in any case
  • MetroAccess will use 12th and Brazos for disabled client service drop off/pick up.
  • Stop at 11th and Congress is in the hands of APD to decide about public safety

– Austin B-Cycle –

Take Austin B-cycle to the march! Use code ‘121’ at any Austin B-cycle station on 1/21/2017 for half off our Walk-up Day Pass! We’ll have a B-cycle valet set up at the Texas Capital at our 11th & Congress station from 11:00am until 3:00pm. Ride right to the start and end of the march and skip the traffic!

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